We offer a wide range of portrait photography packages for you to pick. We have photoshoot packages for families, friends, couples, pets, individuals and newborn babies. Want an outdoor photoshoot or have it in-studio? It’s up to you! We also provide a video-taking service in case you’re looking to create either a montage or film for a special occasion.

Precious Moments — studio + outdoors

I love my BFF! — Friendship Photoshoot Specials

*Package covers 2-5 friends

Forever & Ever — Couples Photoshoot Specials

Furry Fuzzy — Pet Portraits Specials

Remember to let us know how many pets you intend on bringing on site. This will help us prepare accordingly.

Individual Photoshoots — Corporate headshots or individual portraits

Be sure to note whether you’re looking for a corporate headshot or just a fun individual photoshoot!

Family Portraits — Family Photoshoots for different family sizes

Take note of our different packages for 3-5 people, 5-9 people and 10-15 people.


Personal Events Video — NEW SPECIAL!

Due to a high demand in requests for filming during personal events, Soteria Creations has added this new promotional package for those interested in filming/ creating a memorable video of an important event in their life. It could be a montage or a film, depending on the stylistic choice you are going for. Enquire now to work out a package that suits to your liking.

Need our help on your photoshoot?