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Capturing Memories in a Snapshot

What we do

Be it outdoors or indoors, Soteria Creations specialises in family portraitures for you and your loved ones (yes, that includes your beloved furkids too!).




 Memories don’t always have to be fleeting moments. At Soteria Creations, we strive to encapsulate your precious memories into beautiful photographs you can safekeep for good. We are a fuss-free, candid, fun-loving and friendly team that removes the awkwardness and nerve-wracking moments when it comes to portraiture photoshoots. Based in Asia, Soteria Creations offers a wide range of personable photography services for families, friends, babies, furbabies and more. We also offer videography services to record salient moments of important milestones in your personal life.

Have a theme in mind? Get in touch with us and let’s get cracking with your concept in mind. Choose from nature; the water theme; playground; superheroes; vintage ideas — in the studio or outdoors, you get to choose and we’ll work it out. Materialise these memories with our professional snapshots today.

“Free and easy, I immediately felt comfortable and didn’t feel pressured or nervous during our photoshoot!
Lenny C.

About Us

No one else in Singapore does family portraitures like we do.


We prioritise your comfort, and most importantly, we want you to be natural and have fun at the same time.

We prioritise your comfort, and most importantly, we want you to be natural and have fun at the same time. Family portraitures doesn’t mean you have to take the glamourous approach looking like a supermodel. Meaningful moments are about by just being yourself, where our trained eye will beautify and make it artistic. We’re here to show you that portraiture photography with your family, your friends, your significant other and even your pets can be an amazing and enjoyable session. Our different photoshoot series are tailored to suit everyone’s comfort level and preferences. If you’re looking for pictures that warms your heart, give Soteria Creations a try today. Our services are personable, fuss-free, fun yet intimate and enjoyable.

We are well experienced working with fantastic families big or small in numbers; lovely children of all ages and all pets with their unique personalities. Choose from having a picturesque walk around the city or the park or shooting in the comfort of a photography studio — whichever best meet your creative vision.