Going Solo? — Individual Photoshoots

Newborn photography can seem daunting for parents, but the results are worth it. Be equipped with enough to feed your child and know when the nap times are. If you have a white noise machine, that could help with soothing your newborn too. Planning is a vital stage for newborn photography, so during consultations, bring a couple sample pictures or create a mood board to express the creative direction you want to take for this shoot.

Photoshoot Protip: Headshots

Headshots may seem intimidating, but it really boils down to the outfits you choose to wear. Make sure you have on a colour that looks good on you, and that they are ironed too! The last thing you would want is a wrinkled shirt in a colour that doesn’t translate well on the camera. Most importantly, wear comfortable clothes! Sometimes, while the clothes you pick may look flattering, if you’re not comfy in them, it could really affect your expressions on camera. So pick something that’s comfortable and easy to move in too.